About us

Vissa llc. was founded in 2004.

We have vast experience in exporting from the European Union to the countries of the Customs Union (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan) and in import. We have been working for a long time with our partners, including big sales networks, in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Vissa is the official distributor in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and other countries of the Customs Union of well-known Polish and European manufacturers, among them: Clovin Germany GmbH, Kempa, Chemis, Polin.

Our company exports food, fruits and vegetables from the Polish, Baltic countries and other countries of the European Union.

Why export to Belarus?

– Belarus is a part of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia).

– Belarus is an important market in the East as it is the natural bridge between Poland and other countries of the Customs Union. Likewise, Poland is a natural bridge between Belarus and the rest of the European Union, due to the geographical and cultural proximity.

– Belarus, due to its location and the same cultural circle, is a natural partner for the Polish and European trade.

Vissa Ltd. – Your business partner in Belarus and the Customs Union.